To apply for sponsorship support, please use the online application form. This can be used to provide relevant information and, if necessary, upload attachments. Only applications submitted via this form will be considered.

Before filling out the application form:
  • You may request support only for charitable/non-profit initiatives.
  • Fjord1 has chosen to support the long-term activities of teams and organisations. This means that we do not support individual practitioners.
  • You can apply for support in three categories: 1) Sports 2) Culture or 3) Other.
  • We allocate funds and do not wish to buy sponsored advertising.
  • We support small, medium-sized and large organisations.
  • As a sponsor, Fjord1 wishes to be visible in the initiatives we support. We will therefore require our logo to be included on websites and in advertisements, for example. Applicants must include proposals for this in their application.
Two application deadlines per year: 1 April and 1 October

Assessment of applications received will be completed around one month after each deadline. Decisions relating to the applications will be sent to the email address stated in the application.

Submit your application using the form below!