The picture above is from the annual apprentice gathering.

The company provides a number of apprenticeships aboard our ferries, with roles both on deck and in the engine room. In the first half of 2022, we employed 88 apprentices and 18 cadets. In the second half of 2022, we had 100 apprentices and 12 cadets.

Apprentices and cadets are important to the company, and Fjord1 aims to be a good place to train for maritime trades. In recent years, Fjord1 has also offered an apprenticeship on the administration side.

At Fjord1, apprentices and cadets serve on gas ferries, conventional ferries and high-speed passenger boats. We accommodate their needs and consider them a useful resource in our day-to-day operations. We are keen to recruit the best people and give them the highest level of competence. Fjord1 gives apprentices and cadets a varied apprenticeship, where they can test themselves and gain first-hand experience of different types of vessels, including the very latest newbuilds, and administrative functions.

Fjord1 works closely with education offices in Haugesund and Ålesund.

Every year, Fjord1 arranges a seminar for all first-year apprentices. The company wishes to involve and include apprentices, and give them a unique opportunity to become familiar with the company. We believe that these seminars have a positive impact, both on the individual apprentice's working day and on Fjord1 as a whole.

Serving as a cadet is the last step in in a rating’s training before they apply for a certificate and become and officer on the bridge or in the engine room. At Fjord1 we have qualified training officers who provide thorough training in compliance with current requirements.