The picture: Pavithira Sivakolunthu was trainee in Fjord1 from 2021 - 2022. Today she is permanently employed as a salaried employee in Fjord1.  

For many years, Fjord1 has been an active participant in the trainee programme County of Tomorrow – Careers in Vestland (Framtidsfylket – Karriere i Vestland).

In 2021, the company took on two trainees in the fields of finance and technology. The scheme is part of the company’s long-term recruitment strategy. Some of the company’s current key resources started their careers at Fjord1 through the trainee programme.

Fjord1 works closely with a variety of maritime vocational schools and has long provided school students with periods of work experience aboard its vessels.  

A traineeship through the Framtidsfylket scheme gives you:

  • an exciting job and a network of other trainees in companies in Sogn og Fjordane
  • professional and personal development
  • insight into a varied business sector that few people know about
  • four trainee seminars and one trip abroad

To be considered for a traineeship through the Framtidsfylket scheme, you must have:

  • completed a bachelor or master's degree
  • maximum three years’ work experience after completion of study
  • norwegian as working language – written and spoken

NOTE! All applications for trainee positions must be made via the Framtidsfylket website.