Next application deadline: October 1, 2024.

In the districts in which we operate, Fjord1 wants to promote the enjoyment of a wide range of sporting and cultural activities. We wish to be an active corporate citizen, particularly in the west of Norway, where the bulk of our operations are located, and we use sponsorship as a means to achieve this aim.

Fjord1 has chosen to support clubs and organisations through both long-term projects and individual events. We provide financial support primarily for grassroots recreational sports and culture, focusing on broad community interests rather than narrow target groups, and teams rather than individuals. Children and young people are an important part of the target group for the company’s sponsorships. We support mass participation, not elite practitioners. Fjord1 also supports a variety of bodies through advertising material.

The company takes a long-term perspective in some of its sponsorships. This ensures that the time and money invested provide a greater impact. In addition, experience shows that consistency over time is required to become fully associated with the sponsored activity or event.

Through its sponsorships, Fjord1 builds stronger relations with its customers, employees and partners in the fields of sport, culture and organisational life. We wish to be visible in the local communities in which we operate ferry services, and we seek a good match when we assess which organisations to sponsor.

Photo above by Cecilia Molander.

Some of our sponsorships:

Fjord1 has both short- and long-term agreements. In addition, the company supports a number of players through support advertisements and other marketing.