Before the Autopass host introduced on January 1, 2019, it will come to simplify methods for obtaining a refund card from Fjord1.  

There are three solutions:

Solution 1: The customer delivers a value card to a ticket carrier / ticket ticket and receives a receipt with a PIN code and card number in return. The customer registers the pin code, card number and bank account number on In most cases, the balance is refunded to the bank account of the customer within a week. Go to form with pin code for completion here.  

Solution 2: Customers with a low residual amount on the value card can get a balance refunded in cash by the ticket holder. Here it is a premise that the ticket carrier has enough cash to be able to refund.   In both solutions, a mortgage of SEK 100 is also refunded.

Solution 3: Locking and reimbursement of cards for those who have not received a pin code and who do not want to stop by ticket booth or ticket carrier. Go to the form for filling in here (without pin code).