Frequently asked questions

The most asked questions from our passengers.

How long can I use an old ferry card / value card?

Old value cards / holiday cards can no longer be used.
To get a discount as a former, you now have to sign an AutoPass ferry agreement. Read more about this at

How do I buy a ticket?

Tickets can be bought directly at ticket carriers on board, at the dock, or in the ticket booth.

You can pay in cash, or use a bank- or holiday card.

I am handicapped and have trouble finding out, what do I do?

Please keep the crew informed of this before you board, and we will try to find a good location adapted to your needs. If we are aware of this need, we will try to help you the best way.

I'm a professional driver and driver of thermal transport. Can the cooling system be on during ferry crossing?

For safety and special fire hazards, all combustion engines installed in the motor vehicle or trailers must be stopped during transit. However, in special cases, shipowners may allow other combustion engines than propulsion engines to pass. If you need to have cooling units in progress, we request that you contact the ferry before scheduled departure. Special positioning rules on the ferry deck are valid, and the driver must carry out continuous surveillance of the ferry boat during transit.

I want to work in Fjord1, how do I go?

Under available settings you will find an overview of all announced positions in the company.

Can the car have the engine running during ferry crossing?

No. For safety reasons and special fire hazards, the propulsion engine must always be stopped during transit.

Can I bring animals on board the ferry?

Yes, you can bring animals on all our ferry routes.

On board our ferries at Arsvågen-Mortavika, animals must be placed in the car or in cages (which you can borrow on board) during transit. Animals can not be brought into the lounge.

NOTE: On the lower car deck at Arsvågen-Mortavika, no passengers can sit in the car during transit. If you are directed to this location and do not want to leave your pet alone in the car, you must bring it to the upper car deck.

Can I take the cycle on board?

Yes, but it's not allowed to cycle on board! You must therefore roll the bike on and off. 

Can the ferry wait for me?

Fjord1 has an agreement with Norwegian authorities based on specific departure times, and precise departures are decisive in order for subsequent trips to have precise departure times.
The exact time of departure is also part of the service that customers receive by landing on schedule. We can not normally meet the wishes of individual customers asking the captain to wait.

How do I find out if the ferry is in route, or if there have been any deviations?

Look at our frontpage for traffic messages (Only in Norwegian!)

How can I get my value card refunded?

We have one solution for refund of value vard. For more information about this solution, click here.

How does Fjord1 handle the corona virus?

Fjord1 follows the advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) where good hand washing with soap and water is an important preventative measure.


  •     Avoid contact with sick persons, especially persons with respiratory symptoms.
  •     Avoid coughing on others, wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.
  •     Avoid traveling if you are ill.
  •     Fjord1 monitors developments closely and implements measures in line with advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.
  •     Fjord1 encourage everyone to follow actively on NIPH website for the latest news.
  •     Look after spreads on board.

Customer card passenger boat

There are three product variants for period cards:

  • Period cards children (4-16 years)
  • Period cards adults
  • Period cards combined boat and bus (price reduced by 25%, only in the "Florabassenget" *)
    *Map for boat bus and bus-boat can be purchased at Fjord1 and Firda Billag. For bus-boat-bus travel, cards must be bought at Firda Billag).

You can order Fjord1-customer card here!

What is autopass for ferry?

The payment concept "AutoPASS for ferry" will replace the old solution with value cards and bulk cards.

AutoPASS for ferries means:

  • Prepaid agreement that gives a 50% discount for private and 40% discount for company agreement (17% on personal tickets).
  • Nationwide agreement (with certain exceptions).
  • On the ferries one will charge via AutoPASS chip or AutoPASS ferry card.
  • On my page at You can follow with travel, rest balance and invoice.
  • By having only a piece without a ferry agreement, a 10% discount on the chip connection is obtained.
  • For more information see:

What is an Autopass Ferry Account (Autopass Ferry Agreement)?

When you draw an agreement and pay in advance, you get an AutoPASS account. Private customers can add two vehicles per ferry account. Company customers can add as many as they want.

Connections which haven’t introduced AutoPASS chip payment, you can use the AutoPASS card. AutoPASS and the ferry card are linked to the same advance agreement.

For more information about AutoPASS for ferry, see:  or contact Skyttel at tel. +47 55 30 00 00.

What does it cost for electric cars?

Electric car pays half price of ordinary driving price. Electric car with hangers pay half price of ordinary car with hanging price.

When using a value card, a 50% discount is given as well. In total, the electric car pays 25% of the ordinary driving price when using a value card.

Electric car is always exempt from tolls. The driver is always included in the ticket for the car.

What does it cost with a car and trailer?

To calculate the price for a car and trailer, take a starting point in the car price. The precondition is that a passenger car under 6 meters and under 3500 kg. If the totalt lenght of the car and trailer is less than 10 meters, the car tariff must be multiplied by 2. If the total lenght of the car and trailer is over 10 meters the car must me multiplied by 3. If the car tariff includes tolls, you must add these once.

What does a ticket cost?

See the ticket prices below each connection.

Which connections have the chip, and which connections have the autopass holiday account / agreement?

At  you will find an overview of what contacts have checkbox and what contact you can use autopass card.

Passenger boat discounts

Student discount
You receive a 50% discount on all stretches all year round by showing approved school / student certificates.

Do I travel as a companion for free?

Yes, companions who are passengers should always travel for free. If there are several companions who are passengers, everyone should travel for free. Persons traveling in escort must present a identification card which confirms that they need one or more companions. This applies to trips without a car, and passengers in an ordinary car.

If the companion is the driver of the vehicle, the companion will be included in the price of the vehicle and the normal tariff will be charged.

If the person in need of companion is a passenger himself, he or she must pay the concessionary fare.