Systematic efforts and focus by the employees develop a culture in line with the company's values. Fjord1’s objectives require the company to attract, develop and retain skilled employees. Creating a positive culture by facilitating a positive and safe workplace is therefore central. Fjord1 aims for
a working environment that promotes health and where no one is injured or becomes ill because of their work.

After several years of high sick leave, there has been a downward trend in sick leave since 2015. The target for 2017 and beyond are lower, and work to reduce sick leave is a continuous process that will require full focus also moving forward. In 2017, the company was 0.2% off reaching its target, but sick leave remains too high. Fjord1 is sustaining its focus on attendance at work and close follow-up, and has established target areas for preventive work, the psychosocial working environment, facilitation and follow-up.

A working environment that promotes employee health

Fjord1 continuously takes measures to help create a positive working environment that promotes employee health. Fjord1 aims to be an organisation where the employees are seen and listened to, and the company's main goal is to eliminate all forms of work-related absence. Employees shall contribute towards their own motivation and development of the working environment and company, by means of active dialogue with and follow-up by their immediate managers. Fjord1 has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and negative conduct that can be perceived as threatening or humiliating. An inclusive and inspiring working environment is characterised by mutual respect and equality. Fjord1 acts to promote health via the company’s own facilitation policy, measures and analyses in order to prevent strain injuries. Fjord1 uses the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s “Sjømannsidretten” Sports Service to encourage employees to take part in various activities that promote good health. The safety and environmental representative in Fjord1 safeguards the interests of employees in issues involving the working environment. In 2018, employee survey shall be carried out for all employees.

Employee and management development

The company follows a specific strategy for development of both managers and employees at all levels in the organisation. A management development programme has been carried out as part of the company's organisational development. This programme is a tool to allow Fjord1 to prepare the organisation for changes in framework conditions for new contracts.

Expertise and trainig

Fjord1 aims to help ensure employees have the necessary experience and expertise to carry out their work. Amended framework conditions and technological developments require action to boost expertise and develop the organisation in line with new requirements for both the company as a whole and the skills of individual employees. In 2017, the company had 120 apprentice positions at sea, of varying durations, for both seamen and motormen. The company facilitates detailed and qualified training within the relevant discipline, and apprentices are assigned adapted tasks by the company and take part in daily operations. Fjord1 aims to recruit the most highly skilled employees and provide them with the best expertise available. The apprentices and cadets are important for the company. Every year, all the first-year apprentices are invited to a meeting, to promote involvement and inclusion and to provide them with a unique opportunity to get to know the company properly. These meetings have positive spin-off effects, for both the individual apprentice's working day and for Fjord1, which aims to be an attractive employer.