Fjord1 has for several years been the largest apprentice company in Norway within the mattress and motor man profession. The company has both won and been nominated for "this year's training company" on several occasions.

In 2019, Fjord1 has a total of 76 training positions for shorter or longer periods. This is divided into 64 apprentices over a thirty-one training vessel before the sailor and engineer profession, and 12 apprenticeships for deck and machine kits.

Fjord1 offers an apprenticeship for tire cadets and machine cadets. Cadet is the last step in the maritime education before applying for a certificate and hosting officers on duty or in machine. In Fjord1 we have qualified training officers who provide thorough training according to current requirements.

In Fjord1, apprentices and cadets receive apprenticeship on gas ferries, conventional ferries and passenger ships. We help them and look at them as a useful resource in our daily work. We are occupied by adding the best people to the best skills. Fjord1 gives apprentices and cadets a varied apprenticeship where they can test themselves and the knowledge of different types of vessels, new buildings and in the administration. Fjord1 has a good cooperation with education offices in Haugesund and Ålesund.

Teachers and cadets are important in Fjord1, and annually arranges one collections for all 1st year courses. The company wishes to involve and include apprentices, and give them a unique chance to become familiar with the company. Some people believe that these collections provide positive ringing events, both the individual apprentice's working day and for Fjord1.