"To provide the most environmentally friendly and reliable transport"

Goals and management parameters

Fjord1’s objectives are in many ways decisive for the strategy adopted by the company, and represent important metrics throughout the organisation.

Fjord1 shall:

• be the best at environmentally friendly transport.
• provide our owners with stable, good returns on their invested capital.
• keep the promises we make to our customers.
• treat our employees in a way that makes people want to work for us.
• be a preferred partner for our clients.
• deliver solid financial results, healthy operational performance, and quality in all processes.



Highly skilled employees

Fjord1 aims to be an attractive employer and appeal to the best and most enthusiastic candidates. The company relies on having highly skilled employees to achieve its objectives and strategies. In addition to technical personnel with expertise in fields such as new digital technology, environmental efficiency and project
management, Fjord1 also requires employees who produce and deliver a top-class service.

High ethical standard

Ethics and integrity are key features of the interface between Fjord1 and its stakeholders. It is therefore important that the company always maintains high professional and ethical standards, and conducts its business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Fjord1 therefore has zero tolerance for corruption or other wrongdoing.


The employees are our most important resource, and the company's value is closely linked to the motivation and efforts of the individual employee. When Fjord1 was floated on the Oslo Stock Exchange’s main index, all employees were offered the opportunity to acquire shares in the company. Having a stake in the company boosts both loyalty and engagement, which contributes to increased value creation over the long term and allows employees to share in the company’s success.