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On-Board Menus

On-Board Menus

Enjoy a nice break on the fjord.

You always have time for a break, especially when you take the ferry. Steaming, fresh coffee wakes you up, and an enticing selection of both warm and cold treats give you new energy to face the rest of your journey.

Taste of the fjord

And who can resist the sweet, delicious taste of "svele", traditional Norwegian sweet pancakes, fresh from the griddle? One bite. The mountains drift past the window and your thoughts take their own sweet course. Another bite. The ferry glides along the water, taking you safely to your next stop. This is what it is like to have a taste of the fjord, and to have a nice break.

Enjoy on board or "to go"

Our menu is designed to be just as easily enjoyed in the lounge as in the car when you leave. All the long ferry connections have a rich selection of warm and cold items, homemade meals, open-faced sandwiches and kiosk items. Shorter connections with staffed kiosks have an enticing selection of simpler food and drink. At night travellers have access to machines that dispense coffee, ice cream, soft drinks and snacks.

Gluten-free options

Gluten-free options are available on all ferry connections with staffed kiosks.

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