The board hereby gives Notice of the annual General Meeting on 22 May 2018 at 15:00 (CEST) at Scandic Flesland, in Bergen; Lønningsveien 9, 5258 Blomsterdalen.


Fjord1 ASA is a Norwegian public limited liability company subject to the rules of the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act. At the time of the notice
there are 100,000,000 outstanding shares in the Company. Each share gives right to one vote in the General Meeting. At the time of the notice the
Company does not own any own shares.

The matters on the agenda are further described here:


Shareholders wishing to attend the general meeting (in person or by proxy) are requested to give notice by sending the registration form enclosed as
Appendix 2 to or by post to Fjord1 ASA, Strandavegen 15, 6905 Florø, within 18 May 2018 at 15:00 (CEST).
Shareholders who are unable to attend the General Meeting may authorize the Chairman of the board or others to vote for their shares by completing and
sending the proxy form, enclosed as Appendix 3, to or by post to Fjord1 ASA, Strandavegen 15, 6905 Florø, within 18 May 2018 at
15:00 (CEST).


Those who wish to have the documents sent to them, can contact Ane Eliassen by e-mail at


A shareholder has the right to have questions discussed at the general meeting, put forward proposals for resolutions in matters on the agenda
and to require that the members of the board of directors and the chief executive officer at the general meeting give available information regarding matters which may influence the assessment of (i) the approval of the annual accounts and the annual report, (ii) matters which are submitted to the shareholders for decision and (iii) the Company’s financial position, including operations in other companies the Company participates in, and other matters which are to be resolved by the general meeting, unless the requested information cannot be given without disproportionate damage for the Company. Furthermore, shareholders have the right to put matters on the agenda. The matter must be notified in writing to the board within 24 April 2018 (seven days prior to the deadline for sending the notice of general meeting).


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