In order to continue delivering socially beneficial and sustainable products and services, the company must be a reliable partner that contributes to climate-friendly solutions. Sustainability is, as such, crucial to the company’s competitiveness. Fjord1 therefore plans to continue setting ambitious, concrete targets within the focus areas it has prioritised. Fjord1 is determined to make a difference and, in so doing, set an example for the rest of the maritime industry.

For Fjord1, this means actively promoting ethical use of technology while simultaneously minimising the company’s carbon footprint. Fjord1 will work with its partners to develop solutions that have a positive impact on society and offer new ways of compensating for emissions. 

One important step forward within sustainability is an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, with a particular focus on emissions of CO2/NOx from energy use. By working closely with other industry players – vessel designers, system suppliers and the scientific research community – Fjord1 is implementing a raft of measures to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions. Nevertheless, the most important measure has been the phasing out of older vessels and their replacement with new, environmentally friendly ones, as well as the conversion of existing vessels. This has brought about a gradual transition to a zero-emission and low-emission fleet, using technology based on electric propulsion.

Fjord1 has learned important lessons from the progress made so far, and is proud of the work that has been done to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. At the same time, the company openly admits that there is still a way to go. This is why Fjord1 is keen to get started on the next stage of its effort to incorporate sustainability as an important part of the company’s overall strategy. By doing so, it will contribute further to sustainable development and bring about positive change through the company’s day-to-day operations.

Read more about corporate soscial responsibility in the Annual Report 2019 (pages 51-78) here.