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Message from the CEO

Our employees have helped to establish Fjord1’s reputation as a company that can be trusted and relied on. This reputation is influenced every single day by the conduct of our staff. As a company, Fjord1 is growing and competing. Growth and profitability depend on always being willing to identify errors and omissions in our services, processes and products. Compliance with our core values is therefore vital if we are to succeed in the market over time. Our competitiveness and place in society start and end with being trustworthy.

Fjord1’s vision is to be the most environment-friendly and reliable provider of transport services. We will realise our vision by complying with our core values. Fjord1’s Code of Conduct is one of the company’s most important governing documents, and aims to build trust as a respected business and corporate citizen. Fjord1’s business conduct, operations and processes must be sustainable and always reflect dependability and integrity.

Our Code of Conduct describes our ethical standards and expectations. Each and every one of us has a responsibility to read and familiarise ourselves with these standards, because we are all responsible for making Fjord1 a reliable company, and our ethical principles must be reflected in the way we behave and how we do business.

Anyone who knows or suspects that Fjord1’s Code of Conduct has been breached is asked to notify their immediate supervisor or a more senior manager, or to send an email to No one who reports a violation of the Code in good faith will be subject to any reprisal.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may lead to disciplinary action.

Dagfinn Neteland,

CEO of Fjord1.



Fjord1 has drawn up a set of guidelines (Code of Conduct) that covers a wide range of business-related ethical issues. The guidelines form the foundations on which our rules and procedures are based. Fjord1’s corporate culture is built on good business practice, open and honest dealings, and respect for other people.

Fjord1’s Code of Conduct applies to all employees, consultants and contract workers, as well as everyone who performs work for or represents the company, managers, board members, third-party consultants and others acting on behalf of the company. The Code of Conduct applies to the company’s board of directors in the exercise of its duties, and to those employed by companies in which Fjord1 holds more than 50 per cent of the shares.

In general, the Code of Conduct encompasses all activities undertaken on behalf of Fjord1 or when otherwise representing the company. Examples of such situations include, but are not limited to, business travel, courses, events or professional forums. The Code of Conduct applies to verbal internal and external communications, emails and social media.

Everyone associated with Fjord1 has a personal responsibility to comply with the rules and principles that underpin Fjord1’s Code of Conduct. The guidelines set out in our Code of Conduct rest on the company’s corporate values. By basing our behaviour on the company’s shared values and acting in accordance with our Code of Conduct, we can maintain high ethical standards in all parts of the company. Conduct that contravenes our business-related ethical guidelines could, among other things, harm the company’s reputation, financial position and credibility. Violation of the Code of Conduct may, therefore, lead to disciplinary action in the form of an oral or written warning. In serious cases, it could even lead to termination of employment or summary dismissal.

At Fjord1, we also require our suppliers to meet certain corporate social responsibility standards. This means the voluntary integration of environmental and social considerations along the entire supply chain. Suppliers must confirm that they do not contravene fundamental laws and regulations relating to human and labour rights, as well as to occupational health and safety, that they take a precautionary approach to environmental issues and work to combat all forms of corruption.


Values and Behaviour


Personal behaviour

Fjord1 requires high ethical standards of everyone who acts on behalf of the company. Employees must comply with prevailing laws and statutory regulations, and must perform their duties in accordance with the requirements and standards applicable at Fjord1. We shall perform our work to a high level of integrity and honest dealing.

At Fjord1, we shall treat business associates, customers, colleagues and others with whom we come into contact in the course of our work with courtesy and respect. We shall conduct ourselves in an open, informal and positive manner, in an atmosphere that engenders mutual trust.

At Fjord1, we shall respect our colleagues, as well as their expertise and areas of responsibility, and we shall be appreciative of each other’s work. We shall each contribute to a good working environment by being open, inclusive and tolerant. No one shall be subjected to discrimination, bullying or other improper behaviour, and we shall treat everyone with respect regardless of gender, sexual orientation, situation in life, culture or ethnicity.



Loyalty and trust

Both while at work and off duty, employees at Fjord1 shall represent the company in a respectful and dignified manner, and we each have a responsibility to behave with loyalty to our employer, Fjord1. We shall perform our work in a satisfactory manner and must not act in any way that may harm the company’s reputation.

At Fjord1, the relationship between management and staff shall be based on mutual trust, with loyalty and good judgement at its core. We shall refrain from acting in ways that could cause conflict between our own, private interests and the interests of Fjord1.

Fjord1’s employees shall actively support decisions taken by management, and must ensure that what they disclose about the company does not conflict with its interests and overarching goals.

The requirement for loyalty also includes a duty to report matters that are, or could become, damaging to the company.


Disclosure and duty of confidentiality

Fjord1’s employees have a duty of confidentiality with respect to information of a commercial or private nature that they become aware of in the course of their work for the company. This does not apply to information that an individual has a statutory duty to disclose. The duty of confidentiality covers information concerning the company’s commercial operations, as well as other matters of an internal and confidential nature. This refers, among other things, to information concerning the company’s strategies, cost estimates, bid preparations, agreements, operational practices, accounts, budgets, financial circumstances, customers, business partners, contracts and personal data.

Confidential information obtained while working for or on behalf of Fjord1 shall not be disclosed to any third party or be used for personal gain.

The duty of confidentiality also applies with respect to colleagues who do not need to know the information concerned to perform their work.

The duty of confidentiality applies also after the employment or contractual relationship has come to an end, and will continue for as long as the information is deemed to be competitively sensitive or otherwise confidential.



Our Relationships


Close relations

Close relations (parents/children, siblings or spouse/partner) or other closely related employees may, as a rule, not have the same supervisor or work in the same department, or hold positions in which one party is able to obstruct, judge, approve, audit, control or otherwise affect the other party’s work.

If such relationships arise, the matter must be reported to the parties’ immediate supervisor, who will then determine whether it is necessary to redeploy one of the parties concerned.


Relationships with customers, competitors, suppliers and commissioning clients

Ethics and integrity are important elements in the interface between Fjord1 and our customers, competitors, suppliers and commissioning clients. Mutual trust is an important precondition for a well-functioning business, and we shall be perceived as reliable, open and honest.

Our customers must be met with empathy, respect and understanding. We shall always strive to meet the customer’s needs in the best possible way within the ethical framework applicable to the company.

We do not speak disparagingly of our competitors, whom we shall always treat professionally and with respect. Price collusion or other actions intended to distort competition are illegal, socioeconomically harmful and something we firmly reject.

Suppliers shall be treated impartially and fairly. Suppliers that compete for contracts with Fjord1 must always be able to have confidence in the integrity of the company’s selection process. When selecting suppliers, the company shall always comply with its own internal guidelines and procedures.

Fjord1’s commissioning clients have elected to use our competence and our services. We shall provide services with professionalism and interdisciplinary competence. Our services shall be appropriate and tailored to the commissioning client’s specific challenges and needs. We shall treat our clients in a professional and dependable manner, work together with them to create the best solutions, and be active ambassadors for Fjord1’s values.


Conflict of interest

Fjord1’s employees shall act impartially in all business-related matters, and not give improper favours to other companies, organisations or individuals. Employees must not involve themselves in relationships that could lead to an actual or perceived conflict with Fjord1’s interests, or that could in any way negatively impact the employee’s freedom of action or good judgement.

Employees must not work on or handle matters in which they themselves, their spouse, partner, close relatives or other persons with whom they have a close relationship may have a direct and indirect financial interest.

Nor may employees work on or handle matters involving other aspects that could undermine confidence in the employee’s own impartiality or the integrity of the work performed.

Employees must not use company property or information that they have obtained through their work or position at Fjord1 for personal gain or for the purpose of competing against the company. Any suspected conflict of interest must be reported to a supervisor.

No Fjord1 employee shall hold another position or perform work for others during their working hours, without the prior approval of a supervisor. Engagement in external work and positions is positive, but the scope and type of such engagements must not affect the employment relationship with Fjord1 or otherwise conflict with Fjord1’s business interests.


Gifts and favours

Fjord1’s employees shall not give or receive personal favours or gifts that may affect any actions or decisions to be taken. This prohibition also applies to invitations, travel or participation at events with suppliers or business associates without the approval of the employee’s immediate supervisor.

The prohibition does not apply to incidental gifts of a trivial nature, such as confectionary or flowers, valued at less than NOK 500, or to working lunches and dinners. If the employee is in any doubt, they must consult their immediate supervisor.



Fjord1 opposes all forms of corruption. Fjord1 employees must never offer or accept illegal or improper gifts of money or inappropriate payments in return for commercial or personal benefits for themselves or others. Fjord1 has an unwavering attitude to gifts, remunerations and activities that may be perceived to contain elements of a gift. This applies both to how we treat our customers and how our employees and business partners should address this issue.


Money laundering

Fjord1 opposes all forms of money laundering, and shall implement measures to prevent financial transactions with companies that may be used by others to launder money.



Fjord1 prohibits the illegal discrimination of employees, board members, customers, suppliers and shareholders on the grounds of gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political persuasion, trade union affiliation, or social or ethnic origins. Workplace diversity at all levels is encouraged. Each person shall be treated with dignity and respect, and shall not be unreasonably disrupted in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

All employees and those in leadership positions shall contribute to the creation of a working environment free from discrimination on the grounds of gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political persuasion, trade union affiliation, or social or ethnic origins.


Forced labour

Each employment relationship with Fjord1 shall be chosen voluntarily and free from coercion. Fjord1 opposes the use of forced labour, including, but not limited to, debt bondage.

Each employee is free to leave their position after having given reasonable prior notice.

No one shall be forced to deposit money, surrender identity documents, etc. to obtain or retain a job with Fjord1.


Child labour

Fjord1 shall not employ or engage in child labour. ‘Child labour’ means work performed by children or young people, unless such work is deemed acceptable pursuant to the ILO’s Minimum Age Convention. ‘Child’ means anyone under the age of 15, unless national or local laws lay down a higher minimum age or higher age for the completion of compulsory education, in which case the higher age applies.

Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that no person under the age of 18 performs hazardous work of any kind, including, but not limited to, exposure to physical, psychological or sexual abuse. Anyone who becomes aware of an employment situation that contravenes the standards specified above must immediately report the matter to their immediate supervisor or other manager.



To a large extent, Fjord1’s image is influenced by our ability to communicate in a consistent and professional manner with external parties, including the media. Fjord1’s employees shall be service-minded, proactive, honest and helpful in their dealings with external parties. The information we publish about the company shall be correct and objective, and we must always pursue Fjord1’s interests in a way that inspires confidence.

All statements to the media shall be made by individuals specifically appointed for this task.


Investor relations

In a timely and effective manner, and in accordance with the Oslo Stock Exchange’s prevailing rules and regulations, Fjord1 will provide its shareholders and the market with whatever information is relevant for an evaluation of the company’s operations. The company encourages dialogue with shareholders through appropriate forums, based on the principle of equal treatment and access to information. Fjord1 will treat all shareholders equally.



Social media

We encourage all those who work at Fjord1 to keep up to date on social media. However, if this activity is not work-related, it should be done primarily during breaktimes and when off duty. Content posted on social media must not harm the company’s reputation. It is important to note that an individual may be perceived as being a company representative also when they use social media in their spare time.



Society and Workforce

Correct information, financial statements and reporting

Fjord1 shall provide complete, correct and precise clarifications in its reports to the supervisory authorities and other parties. The individual employee shall ensure that information, accounting and reporting are accurate and complete.

All accounting data shall be correct, recorded and reproduced in accordance with law, statutory regulations, rules and relevant accounting standards.

All parts of Fjord1 shall have good internal controls, which ensure that the company’s goals are met and strategies fulfilled. Internal controls shall ensure that business processes are at all times effective and within acceptable levels of risk, that tangible and intangible assets are secured and exploited, that financial information is correct and timely, and that laws, statutory regulations and guidelines are complied with.

Responsibility for the company’s finances and assets

Each Fjord1 employee is encompassed by the company’s safety management system on land and at sea. Among other things, this means employees must familiarise themselves with and get to know the company’s governing documents, comply with procedures and guidelines, and report any non-conformances.

All employees shall take care of and focus particularly on maintenance of the company’s property, since this is vital for safety both on board and ashore. All employees have a duty to participate in efforts to achieve continuous improvement of the safety management system.

Employees must not take away or use company property for their own purposes unless this has been agreed with their supervisor or the individual responsible. No one shall, to an unreasonable extent, make use of the company’s data, IT equipment, operational assets or other property for private purposes or activities that are not relevant for their work.


Human rights

Within its sphere of influence, the company shall support, respect and commit to internationally recognised human rights principles. The company endorses social and ethical standards for the protection of human rights, and ensures that these principles are not contravened at Fjord1.


Working environment

All company employees shall be provided with the conditions necessary for a safe and healthy working environment. Fjord1 focuses at all times on having a good working environment. The company has special procedures covering matters that may negatively affect the working environment.





Waste and recycling

The company’s assets and services are designed in such a way that energy and raw materials are exploited effectively, and waste and scrap are minimised or recycled.


Prudence principle

The company supports the prudence principle by, as far as reasonably possible, avoiding materials and methods that cause harm to health or the environment. The company focuses on environment-friendly products and solutions.


Environmental performance

Fjord1 shall routinely report on its environmental performance, with particular emphasis on an assessment of potential risks for current and future assets and operations.

Reporting of censurable conditions (whistleblowing)

Together with Fjord1’s corporate values, the company’s Code of Conduct underlines its standards with respect to ethics and integrity. Fjord1 wishes anyone who knows of censurable conditions that are in violation of its Code of Conduct to report the matter.

Employees have a right to report censurable conditions. Any employee who reports censurable conditions in the appropriate manner is protected from reprisals for having done so. Such reports are deemed to be protected disclosures.

Fjord1’s suppliers, business partners and others are also encouraged to report censurable conditions.

Reports may be submitted openly or anonymously. Both the disclosure and the whistleblower’s identity are treated as confidential information. Censurable conditions may be reported in the line to the employee’s immediate supervisor or a more senior manager, or by sending an email to As far as the case allows, the whistleblower will be informed of how Fjord1 is handling the disclosure and the outcome of the case.