The Norwegian ferry industry plays an important role in Norwegian society, transporting around 21 million vehicles and 42 million passengers in 2017. As the leading ferry company in Norway, Fjord1 also plays an important role in Norwegian infrastructure, providing efficient, safe and eco-friendly transport to meet society’s needs. The prognoses for future demand are impacted by demographics and business development, customer mobility and a general requirement for increased regularity of services for private passengers and industry.

For Fjord1, the organisation's corporate social responsibility shall reflect the company's vision, core values, the quality of daily operations and the company’s efforts related to employees, the environment and safety. By ensuring safe, eco-friendly and reliable operation of ferry connections, the organisation's corporate social responsibility also lays the foundations for return on invested capital, attractive jobs and good relationships with both customers and partners.

Fjord1’s work on corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the company's strategy, management and daily operations. The company aims to maintain its systematic and structured focus on corporate social responsibility.

Fjord1 has fully integrated corporate social responsibility into daily operations by applying it into three focus areas. Together with the ferry industry, public authorities have long had a major focus on safety for ferry operations. As an important player in the ferry industry, Fjord1 has assumed a leading role in improving the safety culture, with its vision of zero undesired incidents. Challenges linked to climate and the environment are also an integral part of corporate social responsibility. Fjord1 aims to be instrumental in reducing emissions per passenger by renewing its fleet as a result of the new environmental contracts.

The introduction of new and more energy-efficient vessels will have an effect on the ferry industry. Fjord1 seeks to recruit the most highly skilled and highly motivated employees. The company takes its role within training very seriously, and aims for a culture of openness, tolerance and high ethical standards.