When it comes to ferry travel, Fjord1 has a long and proud history extending all the way back to 1858. In this region of long fjords and many islands, travel by boat has played a vital role up to the present. Yet much has changed since 1858: technology has evolved, moving on from steamships via gas ferries to today’s electric ferries. 

In 2019, Fjord1 carried 10 million vehicles and 21 million passengers, making the company a mainstay of Norwegian society. Fjord1 aims to be the safest and most attractive provider of environmentally friendly ferry and high-speed passenger boat services for the company’s customers and partners. By providing a friendly and professional service, Fjord1's employees will make travel on the fjords a safe, comfortable and seamless experience. 

Fjord1 – the safe choice

Fjord1 aims to take active responsibility for its surroundings, while at the same time wishing to be clear about what that responsibility entails. This is why Fjord1 started developing its own sustainability strategy. The objective of the strategy is to clarify the company’s focus on sustainability, while simultaneously providing guidance for its continuing work in this area. Sustainability efforts will therefore continue to be based on the company’s vision, values and organisational culture. Fjord1’s objective is to behave as a responsible member of society, with relationships built on trust and honesty. Fjord1 is convinced that integrating sustainability into all the company’s core activities is crucial to long-term value creation. Fjord1 takes responsibility and contributes to a better world.

“Fjord1 – the safe choice” is the company’s vision for its sustainability efforts. This embraces the following commitments:

  • Fjord1 shall protect the climate and the fjords by reducing the company’s negative impacts and inspiring others to do the same.
  • Fjord1 shall be a driver for innovation and development, and provide a clear and honest voice in the public debate.
  • Owners, partners, employees and passengers shall feel confident that Fjord1 makes responsible choices throughout the organisation.
  • The safety of employees and passengers is paramount, and they can rely upon us to cross the fjords safely.

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