Ethics and anti-corruption

The company shall be recognised for its high ethical standards, where decisions are governed by standards, values and ethical regulations that comply with
general interpretation of law. Code of conduct apply to all employees and board members, and are based on the company's corporate values.

Ensuring that conduct is anchored in the company’s shared values and acting in accordance with these guidelines contribute to a high ethical standard in all parts of the organisation. This enables Fjord1 to demonstrate to stakeholders the company’s trustworthiness and the type of conduct to be expected of its

The ethical guidelines (Code of conduct) are integrated in the management system and have been part of the management development programme and employee meetings. Fjord1 has established routines for whistle-blowing involving censurable conditions.

Fjord1 does not accept any form of corruption or other breach of regulations. Value creation shall comply with the company's ethical guidelines and prevailing legislation. Fjord1’s employees shall at all times behave in a manner that is in the best interests of the company and shall always seek to avoid situations that may result in a conflict of interests. Fjord1’s employees shall remain impartial in all business activities, and not allow other companies, organisations or individuals unlawful gains.